Mersalk application is one of the largest applications in Sudan, for the sale, purchase and delivery of products. The application provides you an ideal way to find products anywhere in Sudan.

Anything from anywhere in your city

To cover all the local market with MERSALK INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY to achieve our
annual clients & sales targets and customer satisfaction.

Mersalk Provider

You can manage your products and accept orders through Mersalk.

Mersalk User

Through this application, you can buy what you want or send what you want to anywhere in Sudan

Mersalk driver

Increase your income by joining Mersalk family

Reach Millions of Customers

This platform provides a pioneering and exemplary service, through a massive network of shops
for customers. In addition to communication via chat which makes it easier for both sides

How Do We Do It

In support of product sales to our partners, Mersalk will offer a number of services to get as much closer as possible to current and prospective clients and offer them a space to engage meaningfully. Having a mobile app for business would mean

Create a Profile

Simply create your account on your Mersalk


Order what you want and you will receive it in no time

This application can never be dispensed with, it provides everything you need at an excellent price


MIT, MERSALK INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (MIT)or ``learning and development``, to build up significant interests in application in Sudan for buying, selling and delivering products ... The application provides you an ideal way to find products anywhere in Sudan